GET_OBJ_PERM problem

From: Thomas Larcombe (raucous@DIM.COM)
Date: 07/17/02

   I am using circle30bpl21 w/Oasisolc2.0.1 and saveall patched
in. Quite a few other modifications as well but they should not
pertain to the problem I am having. Oasis seems to be having a
difficulty saving the 'Perm Affects' flags. I can assign them
and load the item and they are there but if I save the object
and shutdown, on reboot the 'Perm Affects' slot is blank again.
Looking at the object files tells me it is a problem in the save
and not with the items loading as I do not see the alterations
that that should make to the object files. Has anyone had this
or a similar problem and if so what is the fix. currently the
code reads like this in the save_objects section:

int save_objects(zon_rnum zone_num)
char   buf[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
char   buf1[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

up to the sprintascii bits...
sprintascii(buf1, GET_OBJ_EXTRA(obj));
sprintascii(buf2, GET_OBJ_WEAR(obj));
sprintascii(arg, GET_OBJ_PERM(obj));


fprintf(fp, "$~\n");

I notice they run a loop to obtain any
potential affects on the item, do you
need to do the same for the perm affects?
If not can anyone help me out here so the items
can retain their perm affects on reboot?
Thank you.

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