Re: GET_OBJ_PERM problem

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 07/17/02


> pertain to the problem I am having. Oasis seems to be having a
> difficulty saving the 'Perm Affects' flags. I can assign them
> and load the item and they are there but if I save the object
> and shutdown, on reboot the 'Perm Affects' slot is blank again.

It sounds more like that you patched Oasis incorrectly, or that your mud
doesn't have the appropriate code to load the perm affects.  Oasis reads
the fields from the db files accordingly, and assigns them to the relevant
game function.  If the function isn't present in the load routine, it will
clear the perm affects on a reboot.

The other thing to consider is probably that when I wrote my take on
permanent affects ( - not sure if you're using this
version) a year or two ago, Circle was sitting at bpl15 or so.  I'm not
too sure how well that particular archive (made for Oasis 2.0) fits in
with the current "climate".

In any case, check oedit_save_to_disk() and make sure the fprintf's match
up and contain GET_OBJ_PERM, as well as loading the appropriate bitvector
 -> obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector = t[3]; <-
when loading the objects into memory.

Can't be more helpful than that; sadly, I've been out of the coding scene
for a while.


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