Re: Trading

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 07/24/02

>I'll just state how I thought it should work.
>trade <target player>         - opens trade with target player
>trade                         - lists everything on trade on both sides
>trade <item>                  - adds item to trade list
>trade <#> gold                - adds # gold to trade list
>trade accept | cancel         - agrees with trade or cancels trade
>leaving room also cancels trade
>make identify scroll work on the target item in trade
>the items being traded will not leave either trader's hands
>the items being traded will only be added to an object list
>invisible items will also be listed visibly
>when trade is agreed to, items on trade will be checked if still in
>inventory and gold will be checked if still being carried, then swap

Currently, I have it working, but it needs a little more testing. Also, I
think I'm going to rewrite it. I think its using more memory than it needs

Currently set up to add several members into player specials - int
trade_amount, byte trade_accept (takes less memory than bool right?), a new
struct for a list of the objs in trade, and struct char_data *.

Using a new global pointer for all this would be more efficient right?

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