From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 07/23/02

I've always been aware of people stealing stuff when they should be paying
or trading something, which was agreed to, for the item. I'm pretty sure the
owner of the mud I work on doesn't like this idea. He would say, "It's not
realistic. People in real life can scam others just the same." I would reply
with, "But they can't just make off with the stuff." He would answer with,
"I don't like it. Don't put it in." -- actually, I don't remember =). I'm
trying to get the rest of the MUD to agree with me. For those people out
there who would like to implement such a system, if he would agree to it,
when I finish programming it, I will send it to the ftp.. or is there one?

I'll just state how I thought it should work.
trade <target player>         - opens trade with target player
trade                         - lists everything on trade on both sides
trade <item>                  - adds item to trade list
trade <#> gold                - adds # gold to trade list
trade accept | cancel         - agrees with trade or cancels trade

leaving room also cancels trade
make identify scroll work on the target item in trade
the items being traded will not leave either trader's hands
the items being traded will only be added to an object list
invisible items will also be listed visibly
when trade is agreed to, items on trade will be checked if still in
inventory and gold will be checked if still being carried, then swap

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