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Date: 07/24/02

From: "Kras Kresh" <kras_kresh@HOTMAIL.COM>
> I've always been aware of people stealing stuff when they should be paying
> or trading something, which was agreed to, for the item. I'm pretty sure
> owner of the mud I work on doesn't like this idea. He would say, "It's not
> realistic. People in real life can scam others just the same." I would
> with, "But they can't just make off with the stuff." He would answer with,
> "I don't like it. Don't put it in." -- actually, I don't remember =). I'm
> trying to get the rest of the MUD to agree with me. For those people out
> there who would like to implement such a system, if he would agree to it,
> when I finish programming it, I will send it to the ftp.. or is there one?
> I'll just state how I thought it should work.
> trade <target player>         - opens trade with target player
> trade                         - lists everything on trade on both sides
> trade <item>                  - adds item to trade list
> trade <#> gold                - adds # gold to trade list
> trade accept | cancel         - agrees with trade or cancels trade
> leaving room also cancels trade
> make identify scroll work on the target item in trade
> the items being traded will not leave either trader's hands
> the items being traded will only be added to an object list
> invisible items will also be listed visibly
> when trade is agreed to, items on trade will be checked if still in
> inventory and gold will be checked if still being carried, then swap

I agree that this should be an implemented feature.  I wouldn't mind making
this on my mud, but I would modify it quite a bit.  First off, to make it
more realistic....there could be something like a pawn shop...but the
problem arises is that it wouldn't be period.  By period, I mean there
wasn't a such think as a pawn shop in the time frame that my mud consists
(and most muds).  For example, back in the castles and knights era, there
wasn't a such thing as a pawn shop, but there was a type of shop that was
similar.  These shops were used and created by (I think the owners were tax
collectors).  In any situation, I will implement it with the following:

* trade <target player>
* trade
* trade <item>    - removes item from inventory and gives it to the shop
keeper (includes gold)
                  - so trade 110 gold works as well as trade knife or trade
110 knife.
* trade accept    - trade is accepted by both parties.  Once item has been
accepted, the mobile
                  - give the items to the trading parties.  If one of the
parties is in the same
                  - room as the mobile when the agreement has been accepted,
the mobile will
                  - immediately give the new item(s) to this party that they
traded for.  If the
                  - party (any one) is not in the same room as the mobile,
the party will have to
                  - type trade receive to receive their new items.
* trade cancel    - If the party is not in the same room, their items will
be returned to them once
                  - they return and type trade receive.  If they are in the
same room at the time
                  - of the cancel, they will automatically receive there
items back. (cancels trade)
* trade receive   - If the player types trade receive and their was a
pending item / items that
                  - is available for them (trade accepted/cancelled), the
mobile would give the
                  - item(s) to the player.

Of course, there will be several checks, also, the items on the mobile will
have to be saved.....and
there must be a time limit on how long the items can be on the mobile before
he "keeps" the items (just
so the mobile doesn't get overwhelmed with equipment/money).  Another idea
would be for the mobile
can be killed, would be a long harsh battle in which even the
highest character would have
major difficulties killing.

Just my 2 :)


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