Re: [newbie] board problems

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 07/29/02

>From: Chimico <achimico@HOTMAIL.COM>
>The matter is that my board isn't working... i tryed to update it to the
>2.3 but it didn't work either. When i type "look board" it give me the msg:
>"If you can read this, the board is not working."
>Please, could anyone help me to soulve this problem?

Very simple. Your board is no longer a board. That message you received is
actually part of the board object. When you enter the look command, the mud
checks if you are looking at the board, and if you are, then it will let you
look at the posts. If its not a board, then you look at the object. That
message appears from stock boards. Your problem is that you either deleted
the board in boards.c or its not loading properly because you screwed up the
code. Another possible answer is that # of boards is not equal to NUM_BOARDS
in boards.h -- completely guessing.

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