Re: [Newbie] Mob hp limit

From: Christian Ejlertsen (
Date: 07/30/02

> How can I get around the 30k hitpoint limit for mobs? Actually..its for

    struct char_point_data {
       sh_int mana;
       sh_int max_mana;     /* Max mana for PC/NPC                     */
-->  sh_int hit;
-->  sh_int max_hit;      /* Max hit for PC/NPC                      */
       sh_int move;
       sh_int max_move;     /* Max move for PC/NPC                     */

Change thoose those two variable sizes to your likings.
Then probably have to change a few other things to
make it display and save/load right, but that should
be easy to do.

/*hint*/ The grep command is such a nice command... : P


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