[BUG?] overlapping zones

From: Yoram Harmelin (yoram.harmelin@WANADOO.FR)
Date: 08/05/02

Hello, sorry to bring up this topic, but I have a problem with zones and the
new overlapping system.

Instead of talking too much, let me explain the situation.

Here are my zones:
  bot top   zone(virtual number)
  ... ...   ...
  300 399     3
  ... ...   ...
  800 899     8
  350 399     9   <-- new zone
 1000 1099   10

I created the zone 9, which should be vnumed from 350 to 399, because I
needed a zone that contained only the half of zone 3. And at bootup, I get
this error:

SYSERR: Room #350 is below zone 8 (800).

The lines in db.c that checks for this are: (parse_room)
  if (virtual_nr < zone_table[zone].bot) {
    log("SYSERR: Room #%d is below zone %d (%d).", virtual_nr, zone,

If zone 9 was zone 4 (meaning zone 4 would contain rooms 350-399), there
would be no problem, but zone 4 already contains rooms 400-499.

I thought overlapping zones the way I tried was valid, but it seems that
not. Could you please tell me if I did something wrong, or if the code is
not meant to handle cases like that? And if so, is there a way for me to
create a zone that would contain rooms 350-399, without the mud exiting at
bootup? I thought about removing the whole check, but I'm not sure it
wouldn't have more consequences than I thought.

  Y. Harmelin

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