Re: (code)128 bit affect patch

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 08/08/02

> my question is, is there an updated patch? or one made to work with these
> before mentioned patches?
Check out :
It is not designed to intergrate with DG scripts, Oasis, or Ascii pfiles.
However it will get the "stock" part of the code upgraded.  There is also a
patch at:
To help you get started on the Oasis portion.  But from what I remember
You will need to make slightly different modifications than mentioned in the
above olc patch.  I do not know of any patch for DG scripts, but upon
compilation, you should be able to figure out what needs to be fixed after
installing the two patches above.
As far as ASCII pfiles, i don't recall making much, or any modification to
that portion of the code to get it to work with 128 bits.  Do remember that
all your world files will be lost due to the upgrading of bits though.  I
have not used, but there are utilities to assist you in conversion at:

--Good luck,

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