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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/08/02

--- Mythran <> wrote:
> Anyone know why ZDelete has never been implemented in stock circle?
> Just wondering, I have almost completed zdelete for my mud for anyone
> who wants it when it gets done ...
> Also, why aren't there an rlist, olist, mlist, or zlist commands?  I
> imagine every implementor finding a use of the commands (or
> similar)....
> Just my 2 again.....and my opinion :P
> Mythran
> --

I am going to take you literally and respond in kind.
CircleMUD has yet to give birth to its very own OLC system. The
most popular one used by most CircleMUD implementors is OasisOLC,
most recently updated by George Greer, but currently without an
official developer.
Zdelete, rlist, olist, mlist (ect) are all commands that revolve
around the OasisOLC patch. Stock circle doesn't come with OLC, thus
no need (or support) for those types of commands.

Now then, if you meant: Why doesn't OasisOLC come with...(ect), I can
answer that as well. I hope.
Once again: Right now OasisOLC is dependant upon anyone willing to
make changes and send them to the rest of the community. George has
dropped the project and left an invitation for anyone wishing to
pick it back up. I myself have dabbled with it some, I think I released
the bpl18 patch. Not being close to the same league of programmer
as George and most of the other members of this list however, I'll
leave bug-fixes and general updates in the hands of the more capable.
If you have patches for Oasis which include updates, I for one would
be glad to see them on the FTP site.

Not meant as a flame (sic),

 * "Mommy! Make the bad man go away!" *

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