Re: [NEWBIE] Problem with zedit.

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/08/02

> > another question.. does anyone have roomdig command? i couldn't
> find it
> >on  the ftp.. thanx
> [snip]
> The file:
> contains the dig command, as well as a copyto command, which when
> executed will copy the long description of the room your in to the
> room you specify.  Also, variants on this are:
> and also:

I should have included the original message, sorry all. First, if your
getting the message "That room does not exist." Even if it does, you
might take a look at the code in the middle of the do_oasis() proc.
Check and make sure that you haven't altered the argument handling.
As an error check, send yourself the room number, maybe formatted
like so: sprintf(buf, "That room (%d) does not exist\r\n", r_num);
Of course, you'll have to change r_num to whatever input buffer the
atoi()'ed argument is supposed to be.
I haven't messed with DG Scripts in a few years (hard to believe),  but
if the error check looks for something like real_room(rnum), check
db.c to see if real_room() has been altered from the original and how.
Now to your question. Yeah, I've got an rlink (like do_dig but creates
the target room if it doesn't exist) but it's rudamentary and not for
general consumption at this point. Before you go and grab the original,
you should know that the handling procedures have changed dramatically
since that snippet was released. I had to hack it up horribly to get it
to properly check for rooms, and it's not really safe right now. I
would suggest (as Ray did) grabbing buildwalk, a great snippet, and
checking it out first. It's really neat, just not what I wanted. When
I added ordinal directions to my MUD, buildwalk actually crashed the
game whenever it tried to search for a new vnum (go figure!). I
just installed the directions wrong.


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