Re: OasisOLC (was: ZDelete)

From: Mythran (
Date: 08/09/02


I believe, that since there are a few event packages already (including
DGScripts), including just one set in Oasis would be going against what
CircleMUD is all about.  I also think that packages should be separate.  By
packages, I mean snippets or patches or other code that relates to each
other.  BUT, since dg_scripts are a major part of the downloads with Oasis,
if I do end up officially programming the Oasis packages, then I will also
add support / patches for dg_scripts as an extra patch included with Oasis.
The one catch is, I will need permission from the current maintainer (if
any) of dg_scripts.  If none exist, then I will probably take over the dev
of DGScripts as, any and all information regarding this situation
would be nice to have.

I work 8AM-5PM M-F except that last 90+ years or so as I have been working
8AM-7PM M-F week it should go back to normal and then I will
have 2+ extra hours to develop Oasis.  And once internic gets working
again....but that is another story.  I will keep this list updated every
hour on the hour (yeah in your dreams)....

Hey Greer!!  Any info about Oasis that I should know about?  How about
DGScripts?  Your first born child, can I have?


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