Re: OasisOLC (was: ZDelete)

From: The Fungi (
Date: 08/09/02

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 12:23:14PM -0700, Mythran wrote:
> I believe, that since there are a few event packages already (including
> DGScripts), including just one set in Oasis would be going against what
> CircleMUD is all about.  I also think that packages should be separate.  By
> packages, I mean snippets or patches or other code that relates to each
> other.  BUT, since dg_scripts are a major part of the downloads with Oasis,
> if I do end up officially programming the Oasis packages, then I will also
> add support / patches for dg_scripts as an extra patch included with Oasis.
> The one catch is, I will need permission from the current maintainer (if
> any) of dg_scripts.  If none exist, then I will probably take over the dev
> of DGScripts as, any and all information regarding this situation
> would be nice to have.

DG Scripts is already actively maintained by Welcor. I would suggest
coordinating with him to include some Oasis bugfixes he's introduced
but that package has not been orphaned. Far from it, he's been doing
a great job fixing and expanding it. Stick to Oasis's maintenance if
you decide to adopt it. There will be more than enough work to do.
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