Re: DG Scripts (was: OasisOLC (was: ZDelete))

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/09/02

From: "Mythran" <kip_potter@HOTMAIL.COM>
> [...]BUT, since dg_scripts are a major part of the downloads with Oasis,
> if I do end up officially programming the Oasis packages, then I will also
> add support / patches for dg_scripts as an extra patch included with
> The one catch is, I will need permission from the current maintainer (if
> any) of dg_scripts.

Actually I'd say it's the other way around. I'd like very much to make my
dg patches against a new and improved version of OasisOLC. The current
version (2.0.1) hasn't been updated correctly to bpl21 yet, a fact I tried
to remedy in my latest dg patch. I'm not planning on maintaining Oasis as
such, since dg scripts is enough for me to handle.

> If none exist, then I will probably take over the dev
> of DGScripts as well...

One exists. Thanks for the offer, though.
> Hey Greer!!  Any info about Oasis that I should know about?  How about
> DGScripts?  Your first born child, can I have?
DG scripts was originally constructed by Eric Green of Deaths Gate MUD,
hence the name. Deaths Gate was written in C++, but Mark A. Heilpern
of OmegaMUD converted the files to C, and made a publically available
patch. He maintained this until v0.99pl7 (in 1998), where I took over
(in 2001).

v0.99pl8 has just hit the ftp site. The bug reports I get are sometimes
hard to fix, since most of them just state things doesn't work.
They work on my local version...


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