Re: DG Scripts (was: OasisOLC (was: ZDelete))

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 08/09/02

On 9 Aug 2002, at 22:19, Thomas Arp wrote:

> v0.99pl8 has just hit the ftp site. The bug reports I get are sometimes
> hard to fix, since most of them just state things doesn't work.
> They work on my local version...
> Welcor

Welcome to the wonderful world of bug reports.  It's amazing how
many bug reports just say there's a problem but with little or no
background in what's wrong.  Some of these reports come from
people who are programmers themselves.  As a beginning
programmer myself, I too have been guilty of such a report.  Now
that I know better, I try to give as much information as I can.  Usually in
doing so, I find the solution to my own problem and thus, it never gets sent
out.  I suspect that in 80 to 90% of the time, if people would take the time
to explain their problem(s), they'd solve their own problems.  But alas, given
human nature, this would never be so.  But we must keep trying and to
teach others the correct way to provide a bug report.  Here's a couple of
good sites I've found just by using  One is
and another is a pdf file
By all means, read these resources before submitting a problem.  This
would help all of us and help us avoid wasting time on the trivials and
focus on the real problem bugs.

Gerald Florence

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