Requesting help for multi-class code bpl21

From: Thomas Larcombe (raucous@DIM.COM)
Date: 08/09/02

Hi all.
   I am requesting some help with multi class code I am attempting
to develop on my own. I have checked the archives and the ftp site
and they are sadly lacking in multi class code for the later patch
levels. I am using circlemud3.0 bpl21, major code additions are
OasisOLC, 128 bit patch, DG_scripts. Other minor code additions that
are pertinent (or may be) are additions of 5 classes and 24 races.
   My problem is in one section only. I am using a GET_CLASS2, chclass2
route towards the multiclassing. I have differing xp tables for classes
which I want to keep. I can get the values into GET_CLASS2 and all the
other pertinent variables, however when I try to set the initial skills
(and I would assume skills gained with levels later on) I cannot get
the mud to accept the skills from the second class. I think that they
are assigned via init_spell_levels in class.c and spell_level in
spell_parser.c. If this is correct can anyone give me a bit of help in
how I can get the skills from the second class to actually be given to
the character? Concept only is fine and hopefully I can translate it into
code. If my assumption there is wrong could someone please tell me exactly
where the skills are assigned on character creation and on level gains?
Thank you in advance for any assistance. If some sections of code are
necessary for people to help me out, please let me know which sections
would be helpful and I will post them to the list.
Thank you.

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