Re: Requesting help for multi-class code bpl21

From: Ray Campbell (
Date: 08/10/02

>    My problem is in one section only. I am using a GET_CLASS2, chclass2
> route towards the multiclassing. I have differing xp tables for classes
> which I want to keep. I can get the values into GET_CLASS2 and all the
> other pertinent variables, however when I try to set the initial skills
> (and I would assume skills gained with levels later on) I cannot get
> the mud to accept the skills from the second class. I think that they
> are assigned via init_spell_levels in class.c and spell_level in
> spell_parser.c. If this is correct can anyone give me a bit of help in
> how I can get the skills from the second class to actually be given to
> the character? Concept only is fine and hopefully I can translate it into
> code. If my assumption there is wrong could someone please tell me
> exactly
[snipped for length]
It by no means is the prettiest way of doing so, but you could go about it
copying the code for init spell level for each multiclass.
ie; init_spell_level_mage_thief etc.  whatever you need.  And then assign
that new half breed all the spells/skills it needs.  If you want the
character to keep
its original spells/skills you could re assign them in the new
init_spell_level in class.c
and somewhere else in that file i believe is a place where you can set
skills to a certain
learned percentage (search for SKILL_SNEAK, pretty sure it uses that one as
an example)  And in there put a check in if the player has been multi
classed, and if so
upon assignment of that particular skill, set it to 100%, or whatever your
mud uses.
This will allow for characters to gain back the spells/skills they had
previously, but only
when they re level to the original level the spell/skill was learned with
the first class.  Another way I guess you could do it is in the init_spell
give them all the skills/spells
from the previous class at level 1, and then initialize them at 100%, but to
me if you're
a multiclassed mage, turned into a thief, I'd hate to be the person who got
in my way if
I'm a level 1 thief with a level 50 mage fireball.  But its open to
interpurtation of course.
Just an idea of how you may be able to implement such a system, and its
completely off
the top of my head, and rushed quickly before I have dinner so take it face
--Good luck,

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