Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Mythran (
Date: 08/10/02

Ok, here are a few of the PLANNED* enhancements for OasisOLC...

* Add a DELETE command for all editor commands.  Redit, Medit, and Oedit will be the first to have these...Zedit will get one AFTER i finish the first three (since I will most likely use those as a base).  Objects have proven to be the most difficult thus far to delete.  Don't ask, I am tired and haven't understood why they are as of yet....

* Probably add an INGAME color option for be able to CHANGE the colors of the menus in OLC...BUT, this option can be turned on/off by an Implementor for those that want the same color scheme.

* Bugs fixing....most of the bugs I have been sent are bugs surround sedit.  Hmm...seems stable enough for me (just before my mud crashed because of sedit).

* Sorry if I say I am adding stuff into OasisOLC if it is already there, I will find out soon enough....I haven't look at the new source as of yet (I am still using OasisOLC + for bpl14 of Circle...)  Add in AEDIT, HEDIT, TRIGEDIT (with dgpatch only).....I think these may or may not be in Oasis already, if not..they will be **grin**.

This is a small list of what me and a friend are working on....

Also, I have a bug address for ALL BUG related questions/comments for OasisOLC....this address is so if you have a bug report, please send to that address....thanks!


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