Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Mythran (
Date: 08/13/02

From: "Mike Stilson" <mike@VELGARIAN.SYTES.NET>
> This snippet already exists (if not I can make one) something about
> world.c or something, sorry, don't remember the name of the ftp file.

To late, already made it last night :P...Well, most of it...I do have a
question I think is worthy of suggestions:

In the config file, I am storing all values in key=value pairs.  So, how
about strings?  Right now, the strings added are one-liners, no need for ~
characters...but I see that the last bunch of variables are strings that
have carriage returns in them, therefore, I will prob need some suggestions
on this...

level_can_shout = 1
immort_start_room = 1204
MENU = Welcome to CircleMud...

I figure that, for the variable MENU and others, hardcoded would be the
variable MENU and I can check for the ~ at the end of the line, then use
fread_string along with sprintf to store the value in a buffer, this would,
in turn, restore the string variable...

Is this feasable?


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