Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: David Endre (
Date: 08/13/02

From: "Mike Stilson" <mike@VELGARIAN.SYTES.NET>
>> This snippet already exists (if not I can make one) something about
>> world.c or something, sorry, don't remember the name of the ftp file.

> To late, already made it last night :P...Well, most of it...I do have a
> question I think is worthy of suggestions:

Just out of curiosity, is this addition of a mudedit command going to be a
part of OasisOLC? If it is, I would like to voice my concern...if it's not,
then ignore the rest of this message. My concern is scope creep. My
understanding of OasisOLC's intent was the ability to create, modify, and
maintain the world files. Is that correct or has the scope changed or does
it include more?

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