Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/13/02

From: "David Endre" <David.Endre@CUMMINS.COM>
> Just out of curiosity, is this addition of a mudedit command going to be a
> part of OasisOLC? If it is, I would like to voice my concern...if it's
> then ignore the rest of this message. My concern is scope creep. My
> understanding of OasisOLC's intent was the ability to create, modify, and
> maintain the world files. Is that correct or has the scope changed or does
> it include more?

I'll be the first to share your concern. As the maintainer of Dg scripts, I
have had a hard time trying not to do too much with OasisOLC, since Oasis
itself is outside the scope of DG scripts. However, I couldn't help myself
completely and fixed a few bugs (in general OLC) while at it. I hope now,
that these changes will find their way to the next release of OasisOLC,
so I can get them out of my script patch.

I understand Mike, too. Maintaining a package, be it OasisOLC, Ascii
Pfiles (anyone maintaining them?) or DG scripts, means more than just
patching it up to the latest base bpl, and fixing bugs. Part of the fun
is adding new features (let's face it, if it isn't funny in some - weird -
way, noone will do it for free, unless it's absolutely necessary[1]).

The tricky part, IMHO, is to try to keep the new features within scope,
and keep the feel of the rest of the package.

The question here is whether or not all the settings in config.c would be
interesting to have editable when running ?
Of course, just like socials, help files and world files are accessible
from within the game, those values could be editable too.
However, if you think about it, all the constants in config.c have been
put there for a reason. You don't want some immortal to screw up and have
all your players autodeleted if they're gone more than a day. And you
don't want to change the move cost of the holler command when the game
is running, and even if you did, it'd be faster and more to the point
to make a specific function to do that.
In fact very few of the constants in config.c are interesting to change
on runtime. And the ones which are, it is easier and more compact to
write specific routines for, or use the ones already there[2].

Oh yeah, btw, got most of the memory leaks in DG scripts weeded out
yesterday (or the day before..). Expect pl9 within 2 weeks.


[1] Example: coding.doc - how come documentation is always made last?
[2] Think 'tedit' - OasisOLC text file editor - easily expanded to cover
    login screen, menus, newbie primer, etc.

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