Introduction System Planning, Opinions Sought

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 08/11/02

I am looking to set up an "introduction" system on my mud.  At
present, I am using short description of a mob/pc when people look
in a room.  So a room might have creatures in it displayed like so
(first two are pcs, third is a mob):

a short, graying old halfling man is standing here
a massive young orc woman is sitting here
a black-skinned moorcat is sleeping here

However, I'd like to have a command which will allow players to
"introduce" themselves (Which will display name and title) and then
allow others to remember them for the future, so they might instead
see something like:

Theruld Dombleduck the Priest of Aklashiea is standing here
Akkaris is sitting here
a black-skinned moorcat is sleeping here

How would I best set up a system like this?  The code needs a way to
recognize the fact that someone has "introduced" themselves, but such
things would need to clear when a person logs out.  It would also need
to know who the character has "remembered" so that those individuals
would be immediately recognized each time the person logs in, without

I'd imagine that capping the numbers which can be remembered would be a
good thing.  Say 20 people at the beginning and 2 or 3 more each level
afterwards would be sufficient, and prevent the use of too much storage

Anyone have any ideas?


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