Re: Introduction System Planning, Opinions Sought

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/11/02

I believe this topic has been covered before on the list.
Check the archives in case someone dropped some actual
code you could use.
As far as suggestions, I know I'd handle it with IDNUMs.
First, I'd make it so that players can edit their long
descriptions. Next, I'd add a structure similar to the
memory_rec_struct for mobiles and use it to hold mortal
Second, I'd make a clone of the remember() function and
make an "introduce" command that uses it. Finally, a
simple check in list_one_char would check to see it
the character remembers the victim, and if so print
the victim's name and title, otherwise print the long

I played an RP mud once that had this feature, and although
PK wasn't allowed, the immortals were constantly having to
rescue some poor guy with a long description like:
"A dark, shapeless figure stands here." The other players
thought he was a MOB and carnage ensued...

Hope this helps, or at least makes it look like I tried to
help. I did... Really.


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