Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/11/02

I'm glad someone is finally taking up the gauntlet on this.

You mentioned that you were using OasisOLC for bpl14; As
memory serves me, George hadn't include the generic olc
routines way back then (am I wrong George?) and a LOT of
handy-dandy functions have been added since. After a quick
perusal of (not part of the current package),
you'll notice that Samedi had already coded in "partial"
deletion of objects and such. As near as I can tell though,
the objects weren't "really" deleted, just removed from the
The main problem I see with deleting objects and rooms is
the search for the existing items. For instance, what would
happen if 'Playera' had a 'super sword of justice' in his rent
file, and you deleted it? Is it possible to go ahead and
remove the sword from his rent file without damaging the rest
of it? Or what if 'Playera' had his loadroom set to a room you
I'm sure that if I took a look at objsave.c and interpreter.c I
would probably find that these instances are already covered,
but I'm feeling a bit lazy right now :-)
Oh yeah, will Mythran need permission from Samedi to use the
functions from OBuild? You guys have probably already worked
that stuff out off-list. Just being nosy I guess...

Wanna know how stupid I am? I'll tell ya :-)
I am connected (through AOL) with basic dialup access. It promises
a 56k dialup, but we all know just how sad these connections
really are. Nonetheless, I downloaded the Cygwin installer and
chose to install the whole package.
I shoulda read the documentation first! The whole download is
going to endup somewhere around 500 Megs. I started saturday
around noon. It's now close to 4:30 sunday morning and the
download is 40% complete. Averages out to a 24 hour download.
Maybe I shoulda ordered the disk...

p.s. I am by no means a programmer in the true sense of the word,
so if any of the questions I asked earlier come across as [NEWBIE]
it's because basically I am :-)

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