Re: Planned OasisOLC Enhancements

From: Nate Winters (wintersn.geo@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 08/12/02

I have numerous ideas on what to add to Oasis OLC. I have been running the
builder's academy for almost 2 years now. We've trained.... 100's of
builders. Zemial and Welcor have developed our OLC significantly. The
majority of my recommendations are their implementations of my ideas and
numerous other builders.

1. No longer abbreviate s/l/d/a-desc. Simple I know. But makes it easier
for new builders to grasp what they do and mean. Instead of blank <not set>
on obj a-desc put something like <used only with staff, scroll, wand,
potion, and note>. #2 mistake for builders is thinking a-desc is the
equivalent mob d-desc.

2. create d-desc for obj... just an idea. Better to have a standard format
for people to learn more quickly. Should also include extra description for
mobs. Some people actually like to write and I have been told many times
mob d-desc is not long enough.

3. Extra descriptions bracketing. When you stat object you get a long list
of extra description (if there are any). i.e. an object that has 3 extra
descriptions <mahogany desk notepad pad paper drawer> should be <[mahogany
desk] [notepad pad paper] [drawer]> makes things easier for builders
checking out zones.

4. Zedit sanity checking. Don't let players equip fountains, double equip
same position on mob, numerous other possibilities.

5. Automatic format with indent toggle for IMP...

6. When line is truncated explain to builders to enter fewer lines of text
at once. #1 mistake by new builders.

I'm out of time, I have more. I realize alot of these may seem
insignificant, but they would be time savers and make OLC more user
friendly. I have more, but I am sure you are busy enough.

The Builder's Academy 9091

For those interested the builder's academy is transitioning into the
development port for DG Scripts. Our mission is to train new builders and
improve the CircleMUD community. Welcor and I had discussed developing OLC
also, but he has his work cut out for him enough with triggers and I don't
have the experience yet to tackle such a project. Thank you for taking it

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