patches against CVS

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/11/02

I noticed a couple of the list contributors releasing patches
made against the latest CVS snapshot, and wondered if this is
a good idea?

The code which is the base for the patch is the most error-free[1]
stock circle available.
Everyone can download the latest CVS snapshots.

A CVS snapshot is a working document.[2]
Not everyone will be able to find the correct version based on a
10 digit version number. It's easier to find the official bpl21
release, and it won't change - ever. Next release will be bpl22,
If you have a patch against a CVS snapshot, you may have problems
patching it against both the previous and the next official releases,
since some of the functions may be/have changed.


[1] in theory, a CVS snapshot contains the fixes of the reported bugs
    since last official release.
[2] in practical use, a CVS snapshot will contain untested and perhaps
    half unfinished code changes (->in_room => IN_ROOM() migration
    springs to mind as a long trek).
[3] Unless it'll be CircleMud3.1 bpl 1 :P

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