continuation of multi-class code questions bpl21(long)

From: Thomas Larcombe (raucous@DIM.COM)
Date: 08/12/02

Hello again.
   It seems that I may not have been very clear with my other message.
(writing it after coding for 9 hours or so can do that to you). Here
is a better explained, hopefully, version of my question. First off for
the two who had responded. The first method (of adding additional imported
data lines in the spell_level function) I had considered but with the
following list of classes it might get a bit unwieldy. The standard single
classes are: warrior, mage, cleric, thief(of course) plus paladin,
barbarian, ranger, druid, and illrigger(kind of like antipaladin). I want
to allow the following multi-classes: wa/cl, wa/th, wa/ma/, cl/th, cl/ma,
th/ma,ra/dr, ra/th, ra/ma, dr/th and ba/th. If I go the route of adding
incoming data to the spell_level function I would need to have 5 additional
pieces of incoming data there (If I am grasping this correctly) for the 5
multi class section that are 'classa'/thief. Yes? Secondly I don't know how
well that would function with the character truly being two classes and not
jut an amalgamation of two classes. I could easily create the other classes
as an amalgamation of the two and use the total xp of the two classes as
the xp table for the 'multi' class but that would prevent levelling one
class higher than the other (to a limit of 5 levels greater) and also
prevent me from designing the top end of the level limits to allow for PCs
to become something more than mortal but less than god. I would prefer to
allow that occurence in only one of the two classes for the multi class
characters. The second idea presented in answer was not 'multi-classing'
but dual classing. Multi classing should allow for advancement in both
classes at the same time, dual requires you to switch classes at some point.
These definitions are straight from D&D. Now here is how I'd prefer to
handle the multiclassing if possible. I would like to allow for the
recorded data for the PC to reflect that they are both classes and save
the level information in a variable that I'll add into the pfile, I would
like to be able to access that variable for assigning skills/spells. I
may need to assign a second variable to the pfile to contain the level of
the secondary class since I want players to advance each class separately.
I want to be able to choose which of the tables for Thac0 and saves are
used when someone generates their multiclass char. Some if this I can
take care of, as I said before the main problem is in assigning the skills
and spells. The rest I have trial code set up for. If necessary I can
set up the spell_level to take 5 additional incoming portions of data but
it seems to me that there should be an easier way of doing so.
Thank you to those who had already attempted to help and also thanks to
anyone who attempts to help me after this second message. If I need to be
more clear still, please let me know.

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