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From: Mythran (
Date: 08/14/02

> --- Thomas Arp <> wrote:
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> > Off-scope features, I'd say fitted OasisOLC:
> > - Zone flags (level range, builder names, zone description).
> >
> > Welcor
> NOT a good idea.
> Most newbie Implementors choose to use OasisOLC because they either
> don't know how or are unwilling to modify the world files. Adding new
> sectors to Zones would require manually editing each zone file.
> Every since OLC+ was released, I have been adding a new zone flag
> (builders) to each MUD I have coded for. I really like the whole
> idea of the zones holding the permissions rather than the pfiles.
> However, each time someone tries to transfer my modified zones over
> to a new game, I get all kinds of hate mail in my inbox overnight.
> The whole concept behind Oasis is compatibility with the current
> world file system. If you are going to change that, I would suggest
> two seperate releases.
> Sure, George has the option of adding to or removing from saved
> world data, but in truth that option should be left up to him, the
> CircleMUD maintainer.
> There is so much more I could add here, but I can't seem to get it
> all out of my head the way I want it to. Guess I'll save that for
> the flaming replies I'm about to recieve :-P
hERE IS a flaming reply!!!

/'\   ; /\-\
   \-/\/ , ;/.,

Or something of the sort :P

Kinda hard to make ascii flames when I can't even make a single letter using

Anywho, For the builders, George won't save these to the world file.  This
is because in stock Circle, THERE ARE NO BUILDERS...(well, no olc, there
might still be people who manually edit the world files instead of using an
olc).  I don't see a problem with saving new features to the
just has to be done cautiously.  If you think about it, it isn't that hard
to port in the new worldfile if all that was added were a couple of flags
and builders....for example...if they don't make use of a specific section,
instead of modifying all of the zones by hand...coders can code in a way to
read these flags/lines into false variables, but not modify the saving of
the area/zone/mob/obj.  Then, just save the zone...this would produce the
proper zone file structures (mob, obj, wld, shp, trg, zon) required for
their one option would be to add a little note in the beginning of
each zone that states what is different about the particular world file from
a stock world file (mob, obj, wld, shp, trg, zon).

Anywho, hmmm....heya George....what ya think about all this?


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