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From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 08/14/02

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 06:02:29AM -0700, Shane P. Lee wrote:
>--- Thomas Arp <> wrote:
>> Off-scope features, I'd say fitted OasisOLC:
>> - Zone flags (level range, builder names, zone description).

Don't forget a nice general purpose bitvector for any zone-wide flags
(ie: making a zone so you can't teleport into it)

>> Welcor
>NOT a good idea.
>Most newbie Implementors choose to use OasisOLC because they either
>don't know how or are unwilling to modify the world files. Adding new
>sectors to Zones would require manually editing each zone file.
>Every since OLC+ was released, I have been adding a new zone flag
>(builders) to each MUD I have coded for. I really like the whole
>idea of the zones holding the permissions rather than the pfiles.

That's silly.
Unless you're building zones for all stock circlemuds, there are going
to be incompatibilities galore.  Asking someone to go remove one
field/line from an imported zone is more than understandable.  If you
ARE making them for stock circle, then sure, make sure they fit clean.
If you're making them for yourself and someone down the line wants to
use/move/import them then it's on their shoulders to make it fit.

If you add nw/sw/ne/se dirs in a different order than someone else, then
the zone files that manipulate those doors will need fixed.  If you use
dg scripts, and set a variable or assign a trigger you'll have them
complain.  Sorry if it sounds mean, but if they can't figure it out then
standard luser disclaimer applies:

*This works for me.  You'll probably have to edit it for it to work for
*you.  If you don't now how to edit it, don't bother asking me.  Delete
*these files and learn what you're doing first.

>However, each time someone tries to transfer my modified zones over
>to a new game, I get all kinds of hate mail in my inbox overnight.

Uh, who expects something from one mud to fit seamlessly into theirs?  I
can pretty much guarantee that there's no mud out there that could even
start to boot with my mob/world/obj/zone/trg/shp files.  Want to use one
of my zones, be prepared for lots of editing to get your mud to boot
with it.

>The whole concept behind Oasis is compatibility with the current
>world file system. If you are going to change that, I would suggest
>two seperate releases.

Did I miss something?  I thought the whole concept was to make it easier
to build, rather than mapping everything out on paper then converting it
to some semi-cryptic format with a text editor, moving all the files to
the apropriate directories, editing the respective index files, and
rebooting the mud, hoping the format is 100% correct or have the mud
splat while booting.  In the top-10 list of things changed by just about
every Imp I know, is lots of additions to oasis.

>Sure, George has the option of adding to or removing from saved
>world data, but in truth that option should be left up to him, the
>CircleMUD maintainer.

As nice of an addition as they are, I don't see a reason for them to be
in stock circle, imho.  Lots of "#ifdef USE_ZONEFLAGS" in the OasisOLC
patch would fix that.

>There is so much more I could add here, but I can't seem to get it
>all out of my head the way I want it to. Guess I'll save that for
>the flaming replies I'm about to recieve :-P

I hate it when that happens.  Kinda like this reply.


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