Re: [Newbie][Code] Help on whois

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 08/25/02

From: "Kevin Dethlefs" <demortes@MSN.COM>
> After putting in the whois function in act.informative.c and putting the
> proper things in for interpreter, i get these warnings:
> act.informative.c:1869: warning: passing arg 2 of `load_char' from
> incompatible pointer type
> act.informative.c:1870: warning: implicit declaration of function
> `store_to_char'
My guess: You've installed ASCII pfiles, right ? They save/load with
a different load_char function than stock. Check out your act.wizard.c
in the do_set function, how a pfile is loaded when using the 'set file'
command, and copy that.

> Those are not the reason I am emailing the list though. When it goes to
> the .o files (i think its when they link) I get this error:
> act.informative.o: In function `do_whois':
> /home4/demortes/dnal/src/act.informative.c:1870: undefined reference to
> `store_to_char'
Same as above.

>    "[Head Builder]",
>    "[Admin]",
> };

You should remove the stray ',' from the above def.


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