pointers, integers, casts, oh my. [NEWBIE]

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (graymere@zipcon.net)
Date: 08/28/02

Say I have something like this:

        temp_ptr = OLC_IEDIT(d);

How do I initialize temp_ptr?  If I try and make it an integer, it tells
me I need to cast, etc.  If I try to make it a char[], it's an
incompatable type.

This is for the iedit freeing of pointer fix which was posted on the old
mailing list some time ago as you can see.

At present, I can't really make this do anything, since I need to be able
to free it to test it adequately.  (Testing it without freeing it is kind
of silly, because I'll just have to retest when I do get it freed! :)

Quick and helpful replies appreciated as always!


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