[NEWBIE] mag_materials and losing 31.obj

From: arjay (pixelpicasso_pizzicato@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: 08/27/02

hey all :)
I just implemented mag-Materials for one of my spells,

which is a creation spell (if the caster has three
herbs (vnum 3124, 3125, and 3126) then it creates a
potion(vnum 3129) otherwise if they don't have it then

it creates a dead frog (vnum 5))

/* ================== CODE =================== */
    if (mag_materials(ch, 3124, 3125, 3126, TRUE,
TRUE)) {
    z = 3129;
    } else {
    send_to_char(ch, "You need the right ingredients
to do this.\r\n");
    z = 5;
/*================= CODE ===================== */

Okay, I think I've done this right.
However, when I start the game, the shop that sells
the herbs complains of not having anything to sell
right now. The other shops that use 31.obj objects
also have this problem. When I type 'load obj 3124'
then it says 'There is no object with that number'.

I checked the index in /world/obj and it is definately

there. It only started not working once I implemented
the spell that used its components...

But the really strange thing is that objects 3101 -
3104 are fine, they are in the shops and work when I
use load obj... objects 3105 - 3111 don't load, but
then objects 3112 - 3118 do. Objects 3119 - 3131
don't, 3132 - 3134 do. I checked in 31.obj and
everything looks fine syntactically and ./bin/circle
-c doesn't come up with any errors.

So because of this I am guessing that it is the
mag_materials... can anyone help?

  _           _
(\o/) Arjay (\o/)
 /_\  Angel  /_\


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