Re: [NEWBIE] mag_materials and losing 31.obj

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 08/28/02

> Now what I've done is taken out everything in the spell that was
> associated
> to mag_materials, taken it right back to how it was before, and still
> it
> thinks the objects do not exist, so I'm thinking maybe it was not
> mag_materials that screwed it up, either that or it was and now its
> screwed it up for life :\

NOW you have my curiosity piqued. The way I understand it, the game
isn't reading in any of the objects in the file 31.obj, correct?
There are a few reasons it would do this, and all but one would
give you SYSERR's telling you there's a problem. I need to look at
your syslog after a clean boot to make sure, but I think you may
have somehow removed 31.obj from the index file in your obj folder.
Let's not spam the list with your syslog, so just email it straight
to me and I'll try to help.
If 31.obj IS in your index file, then there's no reason that the
objects aren't available. I believe that any error that would cause
a fail (stray Windows linefeeds, bad tags, ect.) would keep the game
from booting to begin with.


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