Re: Issue, confusion and general aggravation with ZONE_FLAGGED

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 09/03/02

From: "Mathew Earle Reuther" <>
> (Note, I know that it was strongly suggested I not use status mode, as it
> contains a 1 or 0 toggle, but I've kept it in because I can limit that
> toggle to high level immortals, thus preventing builders from activating
> their own zones.)


You can easily make the bit unavailable to people under a specific level,
if you wished. I'll stop pressing the point, though.

> My question is, why does it give me a parse error on the first line of the
> function?  I have successfully used my ZONE_FLAGGED macro elsewhere in the
> code.  For fun, here's my entries from utils.h:
> utils.h:#define ZONE_FLAGS(zone) (zone_table[(zone)].zone_flags)
> utils.h:#define ZONE_FLAGGED(zone, flag) (IS_SET(ZONE_FLAGS(zone), (flag))

#define ZONE_FLAGGED(zone, flag) (IS_SET(ZONE_FLAGS(zone), (flag))
                    (          ) (      (          (    )  (    ))
that is 5 ('s and 4 )'s. Change the define to

#define ZONE_FLAGGED(zone, flag) (IS_SET(ZONE_FLAGS(zone), (flag)))

> The actual compile error is:
> act.informative.c: In function `display_zone_to_buf':
> act.informative.c:1755: parse error before `{'
> (1755 is the IF statement line)
> Help?  Anyone?  I'm going nuts here trying to figure out what is needed to
> get this thing functional!  (This is about the 4th permutation I've tried.
> The previous ones were much smaller in lines of code, this one is twice
> the size almost of the others, but it SEEMED like it was the most blunt
> and cludgy way to do it . . . which often means I can make it work.)

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