Running circlemud on Redhat 7.0

From: Templar Viper (
Date: 09/04/02

Ok, this subject might be a little offtopic, but knowing that there are probably alot of 
linux guru's around here that are running CircleMud, I'll give it a try anyway. :)

I've recently installed Redhat linux 7.0, whereas I was using cygwin before on my 
windows '98 system. Now one of my question is, what are the best settings for running
circlemud in linux? I would like it to start circlemud when booted, I've tried putting 
commands in some startup scripts, but the problem is that most of these wait untill the 
autorun script is finished before continueing.     
    Are there more things I should be aware of running a mud? I've put up a firewall, is that
Thanks for the attention.

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