Re: (newbie builder) zone building

From: Peter d (
Date: 09/06/02

>alright, finally got my mud hosted, and running. wonderful. but now, how do
>i edit the zone numbers, andf how do i create new zones? I can find no
>documentation with OLC or anywhere that would do this.... what did I miss?

if you have oasis olc, it's quite easy, i think there is an help file for
it, but i don't remember if i deleted it or if it weren't included in the
zip file.

how you do is, to create a new zone, you type zedit new <zone number>
<bottom-of-zone> <top-of-zone>
eg. zedit new 1 100 199
this will create zone 1 with vnums from 100 to 199 for objects, rooms,
shops, mobs.

then you use redit to create and edit rooms..
medit to edit and create mobs
oedit to edit and create objects..
zedit to edit zone info.. and command like to load objects to the rooms, or

hope this helps, and that i didn't miss anything.. which i surely did..

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