Re: Even more dynamic spec procs?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/10/02

> > >        Kinda curious about what people feel about the popularity of text
> > >muds lately..  if they're going downhill, vanishing, etc.  They rocked in
> > >the early 90's when I started, but now I have to explain what they are to
> > >kids who can't remember when they didn't have email.
> > They still seem pretty good to me.  It's just a lot harder for them to
> > survive.  Players run from boring ones like the plague.  It seems to me
> Then again, there's also the various graphical MMO''s kept a lot of
> my friends from understanding what i'm talking about.
        I guess that's another question; anyone know of any free, non
commercial graphical muds?  I haven't really searched, but I don't know of
any off hand.  Is there a good reason why?  Lower quality, open source
graphic engines are fairly easy to find.. A freshamn college class in C
should give you enough information to make at least a wizardry-like
interface (er, wizardry 1-5, at least).  Networking is a pain in the ass
to figure out the first time, but then it's nearly rote.

        Maybe I'm just waaaaay outside of the loop.


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