Re: Oddity after adding inter-mob aggression . . .

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 09/12/02

It's quite possible that they do . . . after I finish my current changes
(working on adding in more event: bless dg_events!) I'll probably toss the
mob agression (in it's most simple form) back in, and then see if it
works, or if messing with the castle does.

The code will crash on the follower check I added in mobact.c or in
stop_follower in utils.c . . . I'm just confused as to why it has the
issue.  I actually added the check on follower to mobact.c after getting
the crashing in the first place, as I wanted to know if it was the mobs
killing their followers or masters which was the problem.

I'd very much like mobs to attack each other (based on aggro align for the
most part, very few fully aggro) as it makes them seem more like players
(elves and orcs going at it in a disputed border area or whatnot) . . .
but this crashing my mud every time I log in will just not do. :)


On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Shane P. Lee wrote:

> As best as I can remember, in stock circle Tim and Tom follow
> King Welmar immediately following their pop. Could it be possible
> that these crashes are caused by some of the castle's activity?
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