Re: Graphical MUDs

From: E Harper (
Date: 09/12/02

Shane >
>  One way to handle the extra costs (IMHO) would be to design and sell
> a graphical client, which the user MUST use to connect to the game.
> You could store all the graphics, sounds, ect. in cache and that itself
> would cut back on bandwith. Of course, from what I understand from the
> DIKU and CircleMUD licenses, you wouldn't be able to sell the client
> if you used a DIKU or CircleMUD source.

A friend and I are working on a sort of primitive version of this. The game
itself wouldn't be graphical, but you get a couple images, buttons, sounds
etc to make it look nice. We don't know what the final mud server will be,
but we've already experimented with circlemud. It's not as much a graphical
mud as a neat client for a text mud -- if you wanted, you could connect

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