Re: [NEWBIE] skill\spell and spec_proc idea

From: Jason Ragsdale (
Date: 09/12/02

 > I was wondering if anyone had ever seen a text
> spell storage system
> similar to the way objects and zones are stored.  I
> would like to be able
> to add new spells on the fly.  I also want to create
> a system that does not
> rig the classes to particular spells.

I am working on doing this for my mud, except i am
using a SQL backend database, but for text files it
should be about the same. To start off with, look at
how Zones are loaded, that should give you a good idea
on how you would have to go about loading up
spells from a text file.

I want people
> to learn new spells
> from trainers spread out across the MUD.  Like going
> to the mob "Frah the
> master of Fire", and having to learn the skill\spell
> from him.  Then once
> you have learned it, it is added to your skill\spell
> list.  Then, if it is
> a battle skill\spell have it honed in battle, if it
> is not you
> must "practice" the skill\spell with the trainer
> mob.

I had this on another of my muds, basicly the way we
did it was set negitive values for spells, so a mob
with a -100 in Bless could teach bless, then it's just
imp'ing a learn command that looks for spells that
have negitive learn values. Hope this helps!


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