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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 09/12/02

--- Thomas Larsson <aarcerak@ROCKETMAIL.COM> wrote:
> SYSERR: Mob using
> '((ch)-)player_specials-)saved.pref)' at
> act.wizard.c:127
I used to get this a lot. I actually WANTED my mobiles to access
some of the player_specials though, so I just hunted down the log
message and deleted it ;-)

> ACMD(do_echo)
> {
>   skip_spaces(&argument);
+    if(!ISNPC(ch)) {
+      return;
+    }
>   if (!*argument)
>     send_to_char("Yes.. but what?\r\n", ch);
> ------------------------------------------------------
> The second thing i need help on is how do i set up the
> mud so new people dont have to type autoexit and color
> complete, but its already on when they create a new
> char ?

Are you sure you want this? Some people don't like color because
they have old clients that don't support them. Also there are
some clients (Mudzilla for one) that not only refuse to translate
color, but actually print the characters on the screen, which is
very annoying. Anyway, if you want this, search for the command
that turns on and off color. Read it carefully and you should be
able to figure out which player flags are toggled. Then all you
have to do is find the place where new characters are initiated
and toggle that flag.
Yeah, I could show you how to do it and in less time than it takes
to explain, but hopefully you'll learn more doing it yourself.

> ------------------------------------------------------
> The third and last thing: When the mud crashes it just
> hangs until i come home and click ok in the window
> that pops up, any way to awoid this ?

Sure, you could write a VB script that sits around clicking on
that spot all the time you're gone. I've seen people do this sort
of thing for those free internet service providers who were trying
to cull their idlers by poping up a window every fifteen minutes or
so and asking if you want to stay online.

Okay, I've been awake for 23 hours now, so I guess I'm rambling.
Thank the Lord I'm not repeating myself. At least I'm not repeating
myself, huh?


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