[NEWBIE] skill\spell and spec_proc idea

From: Carlton Colter (carlton@COLTER.COM)
Date: 09/12/02


I was wondering if anyone had ever seen a text based spell storage system
similar to the way objects and zones are stored.  I would like to be able
to add new spells on the fly.  I also want to create a system that does not
rig the classes to particular spells.  I want people to learn new spells
from trainers spread out across the MUD.  Like going to the mob "Frah the
master of Fire", and having to learn the skill\spell from him.  Then once
you have learned it, it is added to your skill\spell list.  Then, if it is
a battle skill\spell have it honed in battle, if it is not you
must "practice" the skill\spell with the trainer mob.  I would also like to
remove the spec_assign from the c file and have that information in the mob
file.  That way a builder can specify a special mob procedure without
having a coder modify any code.

I did a search on the web and found this:

I wanted to implement something like if not that in my mud.  Because I want
the mobs to have character and to do different things.

Any ideas or directions on how to achieve my goals would be greatly

Thank you,


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