Re: [NEWBIE] skill\spell and spec_proc idea

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 09/12/02

On 02-09-12 17.20, "Carlton Colter" <carlton@COLTER.COM> wrote:

> Hello.
> I was wondering if anyone had ever seen a text based spell storage system
> similar to the way objects and zones are stored.  I would like to be able
> to add new spells on the fly.  I also want to create a system that does not
> rig the classes to particular spells.  I want people to learn new spells
> from trainers spread out across the MUD.  Like going to the mob "Frah the
> master of Fire", and having to learn the skill\spell from him.  Then once
> you have learned it, it is added to your skill\spell list.  Then, if it is
> a battle skill\spell have it honed in battle, if it is not you
> must "practice" the skill\spell with the trainer mob.  I would also like to
> remove the spec_assign from the c file and have that information in the mob
> file.  That way a builder can specify a special mob procedure without
> having a coder modify any code.

I see what you are getting at here, although you should probably combine it
with some degree of difficulty as far as spells go.  Our spells are based on
several different skills.  As we are currently developing the spell system,
it has not been completed, but it will require the players to store their
spells in a spellbook, and this book cannot contain all that many spells,
you can of course have several books, but that could also be limited by
perhaps forcing them to "attune" themselves to the book before use; sort of
like a deck of Tarot cards, in order to become attuned to their "force" you
sleep with them or have them close to you for a couple of days before you
use them.  This would prevent players with a wide array of spells to use
them instantly and switching between books during combat for instance.

You should probably ask Mike Stilson if he can't help you out with this,
since his code probably does exactly what you need, at least from what I saw
when I looked at it.  In our code we have split skills from spells, and the
spells are based on a couple of skills themselves.  Skills are also grouped
in a skill tree, which uses pre-requisite skills and skill groups to control

Our magic system will also require a certain amount of wit from the player
besides typing cast 'spell name', they will have to keep track of several
different magic words in order to cast the spells.

If you want to assign specprocs on the fly, or hook them into OLC so you can
set them directly on the mob/obj/room, you should look at Linda Raymond's
patch, which you can find at the CircleMUD developer site if you look for
specset (I think).  Or maybe you meant to define the actual specproc as
well?  In that case you should probably look into DG Scripts.


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