Re: [NEWBIE] skill\spell and spec_proc idea

From: Arjay Hwang (
Date: 09/12/02

 --- Carlton Colter <carlton@COLTER.COM> wrote: >
> to learn new spells
> from trainers spread out across the MUD.  Like going
> to the mob "Frah the
> master of Fire", and having to learn the skill\spell
> from him.  Then once
> you have learned it, it is added to your skill\spell
> list.  Then, if it is
> a battle skill\spell have it honed in battle, if it
> is not you
> must "practice" the skill\spell with the trainer

I think LP muds have something like this, that is, one
of the LP muds I played you can learn a spell if the
skill is high enough, ie 'fireball' takes the skill, so you learn that and
then you get someone who is elemental to teach
you 'fireball'...

This has resulted in the higher-up people haveing all
the skills and therefore not having one single guild
to call theirs, as they are sort of part of every

But I don't know much about LP muds.

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