Re: [NEWBIE] skill\spell and spec_proc idea

From: Carlton Colter (carlton@COLTER.COM)
Date: 09/13/02

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>I think LP muds have something like this, that is, one
>of the LP muds I played you can learn a spell if the
>skill is high enough, ie 'fireball' takes the skill
>, so you learn that and
>then you get someone who is elemental to teach
>you 'fireball'...
>This has resulted in the higher-up people haveing all
>the skills and therefore not having one single guild
>to call theirs, as they are sort of part of every

Well, only some enhancements or spells will be trained through out the
mud.  I do not want to toss away the old system or class based
skills\spells.  I would just like for people to be able to find the
Swordsman and learn his stance (if they are a warrior).  Granted there are
skills I would like everyone to be able to learn... and spells I would like
all magic users to be able to learn.. etc.  Power is an extremely big issue
to me.  I do not want it to be where people are so powerful that newbies
don't have a chance.

The problem I have is I don't know how to make a skill\spell available to a
user if they are not part of that class.  I have no understanding of how
the skills and spells are stored in the character files.

I am currently putting in the code for DG Scripts after numerous
suggestions, and I will look into how spells and skills are stored... and
possibly change that to suit my needs.

Thank you - S.D.

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