Re: [META] Suggestion to list rules

From: Mathew Earle Reuther (
Date: 09/16/02

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Juliano Ravasi Ferraz wrote:
> Forth, I think this should be part of list rules: Avoid to start new
> discussions simply by replying to existing messages and changing the
> subject.

I'm sure a lot of us hit reply to a message in our inbox because we don't
remember that the address is . . . I know I don't.
I will, however since you've asked make an effort not to continue doing
this personally. :)  As for adding it to list rules, I don't know how easy
that will be to a) monitor and b) get people to stop doing.  Personally,
the way I view messages it never matters.  I read the subject line when I
want to know what the subject is.


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