NEWBIE: Creating a highscore listing

From: Cox SMTP central (
Date: 09/16/02

I need some help getting started with a highscore listing for my mud
(bpl18 with olc/dg_scripts). I do not want this to be held in a file,
as it will be reset at each reboot. I want the player to type
..highscore.. and it will check the players stats vs what has already
been posted, or if this is first person to check, then it will check
against a default value. For starters, I am just trying to compare max
hitpoints. I believe I will need to have a new structure to hold the
current highscores, but I am not understanding exactly how this works.
I have tried to find something similar in the code to use as
reference, but I can't seem to find anything. Any help is greatly


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