Re: Minor issues with assemblies patch.

From: Torgny Bjers (
Date: 09/20/02

From: "Mathew Earle Reuther" <>
> I've installed the assemblies patch off the ftp site, and have it up
> working with some modifications to make it work for my purposes.
> I've got one issue with the way things are done.  I don't like the
> that you can only use one word in your argument!

[snip 8< snip 8< snip]

What you want to do is something like what I did with our crafting
system.  Instead of using the argument for the regular
crafting/assemblies, you use their vnum as a numerical argument.  You
could do it the way shops are done, the numbers ranging from 1 and up,
but that would make it a little difficult to write macros for instance
if you add assemblies.

If you call BAKE without an argument, it prints out all the items you
can bake, and then you just type BAKE <number> to make it.

I also added a components command for my assemblies so that players can
easily see what an assembly requires, and I added a flag that lets you
hide certain assemblies from the menus, quest items, for instance, that
you don't want in the lists.

You are welcome to visit Arcane Realms and take a look at our menus and


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