Metaserver idea, and some information.

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 09/20/02

Since there seemed to be some interest, I've actually put some work into
it.  Still gonna be too many changes to put it up on circle's ftp
server, so I put it all on mine (ftp to, they'll be
in the outgoing directory)  Readme has instructions, client.c is now a
standalone file (instead of hacking it into comm.c).

I have a report of there being a problem on solaris, but as I don't have
access to it myself, I'll have to rely on someone else to nail that one
down for me.  Also, don't ask me about problems with it on winblows,
pointing out there is one there (if there is) is fine, but I don't have,
own, look at, or (unless unavoidable) touch that os.

Mail me if you use it (basically so I can let you know about updates).
Suggestions, comments, and bugfixes are welcome of course.  (Telling me
where to stuff the code/idea is usually entertaining but pretty
pointless).  I have some other ideas of things I wanna do with it but
I'll hold off on adding TOO much until I see if people actually like &
use it.

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