Re: [NEWBIE] Adding variables into struct player_special_data_saved

From: Christian Ejlertsen (
Date: 09/22/02

> >> You can add whatever you like (basically) as long as you're prepared to
> >> pwipe.  Guarantee you'll still run out of space though.
> >transfer to Ascii playerfiles then you can add almost anything you want without pwiping.
> <smartassanswer>
> Transfer it all to some type of sql database and forget about the whole
> issue. (This said from experience)
> </smartassanswer>
> Too bad the circlegods can't rely on everyone having access to a
> {My,Postgre,.*}SQL server.
> Sorry, but I might be an ass to newbie-ish questions at times, but maybe
> he doesn't want to convert to ascii?  He asked a legit question.  Saying
> "Add 500[1] lines of code" really is inapropriate.

Smartass answer?? Inapropiate??
Did i step on your toes somehow???
Who was talking about SQL?
Ascii player files is something everyone can use without any special modifications or system demands.

How should i put it then, transferring the playerlib to ascii files, will save yourself a lot of trouble later on. Adding 500 lines code might be a big efford, but it seems to me like a little efford, seen in the light of what other work you have to do, every time you want to add a new variable.
Anyways there is plenty of patches / snippets making the actually codework not that hard. I'm not saying it is a plug and play thing to do, it will take some time to implement, every major code change does, but i'm sure that it is time well spent.
Of course if you can code small conversion tools to add in new variables into binary playerfiles, then that's just as easy, but when you like me aint the greatest coder in the world, working with ascii player files sure makes my life a lot easier.

I did not in anyway try to make someone feel bad about themself or try to throw dirt at anyone. So if you did get offended try to remember we are all writing to help eachothers not to show who is the greatest.


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